We exist for our clients and to understand the challenges they deal with and how we can help them thrive to reach their goals and maximize their potential.
Empathy is a character trait of our office.


We are committed to deliver quality and efficiency in our services and offer tailored solutions for the needs of our clients.
Our commitment extends beyond the service we provide, our clients find in us a dedicated team with who they can always rely on. For us, each client is unique.


We believe in carrying out our work always allied to high ethical standards.
Integrity is a fundamental value for our team and is present throughout our performance.


We are proactive and believe in making things happen. Our goal is the success of our clients that we achieve through creative and competent solutions.


Mesquita Advogados – International Lawyers is an English speaking law firm in Cascais, Portugal, that provides legal services in various judicial areas, especially Immigration, Real Estate, Tax and Litigation that, obeying to the highest ethical standards, aims to provide a service of excellence.

We distinguish ourselves by the personalized service that we offer, privileging to establish a relationship of trust and proximity with our clients, guiding our conduct through availability and dedication.

Due to the partnerships established with international offices, we are able to offer an integrated and comprehensive set of legal solutions and services.

At the national level, we have service offices in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, to ensure a prompt and timely response in any part of the country.

We are present at national and international events, so that we are closer to those who seek legal advice for their decisions.


Property Purchase Process in Portugal

Mesquita Advogados has extensive experience in structuring and negotiating a full range of real estate operations, having assisted several individual and companies purchasing properties in Portugal.

Relocation Service for EU and Non-EU citizens

If you are thinking about living in Portugal and want to avoid all the bureaucracy associated with moving, we have a legal relocation service, where you will be accompanied by our team before the move and until you are fully installed in your new residence.

Golden Visa – Portuguese Investments

We provide full legal assistance in the entire Golden Visa programme. Our solid knowledge and experience in this area have been an effective contribution to the success and satisfaction of our clients.

Non-Habitual Resident Regime

Our office provides legal assistance to foreigners and Portuguese emigrants who wish to obtain the status of the non-habitual resident and benefit from 10 years of reduced taxation on income obtained in Portugal and exemption on income obtained abroad.

D2 Visa – Entrepreneur Visa

Obtaining a D2 visa is one of the ways to establish residence in Portugal legally. This visa, intended for entrepreneurial immigrants, requires a low investment (compared to the Golden Visa), which can be made by incorporating a company in Portugal.

Portuguese Citizenship

The Portuguese nationality can be obtained by i) who is a descendant of Portuguese citizens (parents or grandparents), ii) who is married for more than three years to a Portuguese national, or iii) by a Portuguese resident living in Portugal for at least five years.

D7 Visa - Passive Income Visa

Obtaining a D7 visa is another route to establish residence in Portugal legally. This visa, is the most common visa, used by all foreign citizens, who intend to reside in Portugal as retirees or live on their income, which should originate from outside Portugal.

Incorporation of Companies in the “Free Zone of Madeira”

Our office ensures all legal procedures for the installation of companies in the “Free Zone of Madeira” or International Business Center of Madeira (CINM) to benefit from the reduced rate of income tax of 5% up to 31 of December 2027.


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